Welcome QuiltMania Fans!

Welcome QuiltMania Fans!

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We’re delighted you’re here!

And we want to thank the wonderful team at QuiltMania, Inc. for inviting us to share our batting expertise in their new Ask the Expert column in their most recent issue,  issue 142, March/April 2021, of QuiltMania Magazine.


image: QuiltMania Magazine - Issue 142 - March/April 2021

QuiltMania Magazine – Issue 142 – March/April 2021


It is an honor and a privilege to provide information about fibers and batting types to you, their loyal readers. 

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But wait, there’s more!

Did you know that QuiltMania Inc. also publishes and sells quilt books and patterns too?

And, you’ll find many amazingly talented designers featured on their siteso much talent and inspiration!

Again, thank you for popping by for a visit and if you’d like to stay connected, or get even more batting education, please see the options below.


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I want to personally thank you, and commend you,
for your interest in learning more about batting –
what’s inside really does matter!

Scroll down to the link to my batting conversation
with our long-time reseller, Linda’s Electric,
or contact us to schedule a batting lecture
for your quilting group or guild, long-arm group or shop –
we are happy to provide FREE education to all!

Batting Lectures & Presentations

Think your guild members, long arm group or local shop would be interested in our batting lecture, ‘Batting: What’s Inside Matters,’ presented by yours truly?

If so, please reach out – I’d love to share our batting lecture with your group!

There’s no charge for the 1 1/2 hour presentation which includes:

  • the questions we ask to assist you in narrowing down the many batting choices to what’s ‘best’ for achieving the results you desire;
  • the various fiber types, and pros and (potential) cons of each fiber and batting type;
  • which battings we recommend for specific use cases (modern quilts, show quilts, bed quilts, baby quilts, art quilts, runners, wall hangings, personal items, home decor items, etc.);
  • the proper use and care of battings and quilts;
  • tips and tricks for achieving great results;
  • and so much more, including a chance to WIN BATTING!

If you’d like to schedule our presentation for your group, please send an email to me at shackney at hobbsbondedfibers dot com (click on that link to the left to send me an email – please include the following information):

  • Proposed Lecture Date(s) and Time(s):
  • Name of Your Guild or Group:
  • Group City & State:
  • # of Members in Your Group:
  • Expected Lecture/Presentation Attendance:
  • Any Other Pertinent Info:

As soon as I receive the above information I’ll get back to you with my availability, and additional information you can share in promoting this lecture to your group.

Ready to watch a batting conversation I recorded with
one of our wonderful resellers, Linda’s Electric Quilters?

In the video below we share how we assist quilters (and sewers and makers) in narrowing down the many batting choices to those that will deliver their desired results (this is a fun preview of the lecture available to your group!).

We talk about the various fiber types and the pros and (potential) cons of each, discuss which battings are best for which types of projects, and share information on caring for your projects once they’re completed.

(Interested in WINNING batting? Be sure to scroll down this page after you watch the video!)


Click here to watch this information-filled batting conversation

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to batting
and we hope you enjoy learning all about it!

And if you want to sample any of our battings,
Linda’s Electric Quilters offers
Hobbs Batting Sample Packs,
a set of (14) 14″x14″ samples
of all but one of our battings
available for ONLY $14.99!!!

Looking for opportunities to WIN Hobbs Batting?

Then be sure to follow us on Instagram@hobbsbatting – where we have regular giveaways and share all sorts of fun quilting and sewing stuff!


Want to be the first to know about new products, fun projects our ambassadors create, events we’ll be attending (when that’s again possible) and more fun stuff?

Be sure to subscribe to our emails – we promise to keep your info confidential and to not bombard you with salesy emails (don’t you just hate it when companies do that?!).


Searching for more information on our products?

There’s a lot of valuable information in the Products section of our website here:

Hobbs Batting Product Information

And if you have specific batting questions related to a current or future project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, anytime. I’m happy to help you narrow down the many choices to the best batting(s) for your desired results.

I can be reached by email here:

Stephanie Hackney (click on my name to send me an email)

Thanks again for stopping by – the loyalty shown toward our product line over the last 42+ years is something we are very proud of and for which we are so, so grateful – we hope you’ll soon become a loyal customer.

Happy Creating,

Stephanie Hackney/Director of Sales & Marketing, Craft & Retail Division

Welcome QuiltMania Fans!

How Is Hobbs Batting Helping You?

Hobbs is "the best batting and a wonderful company! You may quote me all you want, I tell everyone about Hobbs..."My sister quilts like it is a job, (in) my life it's a hobby. We both do large and small quilts. She does a lot of service projects. We both do our own quilting...Thank you again for making a wonderful product! Oh yeah, we love all of them!"

Ruth L. from Houghton Lake, Michigan