Quilt Batting & Bonus Giveaway Alert!

Quilt Batting & Bonus Giveaway Alert!
Quilting inspiration galore – will YOU be the lucky winner?

Hello Quilters!

Today’s your lucky day…

…or at least it will be for two lucky quilters.

Christa Watson's NEW Book: Piece and Quilt with Precuts (image)

Christa Watson’s NEW Book: Piece and Quilt with Precuts

We’ve partnered with Christa Watson, author of the new quilting book, “Piece and Quilt with Precuts,” to award two lucky quilters with the Hobbs batting product of your choice – yes, your choice!

But wait, it gets even better!

We’re so excited about Christa’s new book – a book in which you’ll find quilts made with Hobbs batting and details on why Christa chose our batting for each project – that we’re inviting you to join her blog hop to celebrate its upcoming release…and to win a copy of her book from us!

So how do you win?

It’s easy:

Winning Opportunity #1:
Check out Christa’s blog hop blog post here: Piece and Quilt with Precuts Quilt 4: S.W.A.K.

Then, on that post, leave her a comment per these instructions:
To enter, leave me a comment letting me know how you prefer to buy batting – do you like to get it by the yard, in pre-sized packages, by the bolt, or some other way?

Again, to enter to win a batt of your choice from Christa,
be sure to leave your answer to Christa’s question on her blog post linked just above,
and NOT here on our blog post.

Winning Opportunity #2:
Leave us a comment below, on this post, per these instructions:
To enter, tell us about your favorite Hobbs batting, why you like it and where you prefer buying it (from your long-armer, or at a local quilt/fabric shop, big box store, online, etc.).

Again, to enter to win a batt of your choice from us,
be sure to leave your answer to our question on this blog post,
and NOT on Christa’s blog post.

Two chances to win and
it couldn’t be easier to enter!

But again, there’s more!

Winning Opportunity #3:
Now, once you’ve entered both batting giveaways, be sure to check out Christa’s new book (link below):

Christa’s new book: Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Then, share your thoughts in the comments below – tell us (on this blog post) how you use pre-cuts and you’ll have a chance to win a copy of Christa’s book, courtesy of Hobbs!

Again, to enter to win a copy of Christa’s book from us,
be sure to leave your answer to our question about using precuts 
on this blog post,
and NOT on Christa’s blog post.

Thanks for joining us for this super fun giveaway and blog hop – so much inspiration and freebies!

Happy blog hopping and quilting!
Steph & The Hobbs Batting Team

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6 responses to “Quilt Batting & Bonus Giveaway Alert!”

  1. Sandy Allen says:

    I’ve never used Hobbs batting, so I can’t tell you which is my favorite. I do love to use a blend of cotton and polyester for my quilts, though. I find it holds up better than all cotton and is easy to work with than all polyester.

    • Sandy,

      Well, if you love using cotton and poly blends, then you’re sure to love our well-known Heirloom 80/20, which is 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

      It’s our most well-known and loved product and it comes in natural, bleached, black and fusible!

      Good luck on winning,

  2. Michele T says:

    I’ve heard so many good things about Hobbs batting but have not tried it myself! I prefer an all natural batting in cotton and I’d love to try the 100% washable wool Hobbs batting.

    • Michele,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      We make several battings composed of 100% cotton, two in our Heirloom line and two in our Tuscany line – one in each line is natural and the other in each line is bleached.

      We also make Heirloom Natural w/scrim, which has a stabilizing layer needle-punched into it, providing additional stability and the ability to stitch up to 10″ apart!

      And finally, we also offer Tuscany Cotton Wool which is 80% cotton and 20% wool. It’s a deliciously soft batting!

      We’d love to hear what you think of our wool batting, available in both the Heirloom and Tuscany lines – perhaps you’ll win some?!

      Good luck on winning,

  3. Fireside Quilter says:

    I usually buy my batting on an as needed basis unless it’s on sale! I also like 100% natural cotton batting and would love to try Hobbs batting!! Thanks for the chance!!!

    • Fireside Quilter,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Please see the list of available cotton battings in my reply to Michele above – any of these could be fun to try.

      Good luck on winning some!

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