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Hobbs General Crafting & Home Decor Products

Hobbs has the widest range of bonded, batting-by-the-yard polyester battings in the marketplace.

The batting is purchased on rolls to sell “by-the-yard” in your shop and the rolls are available in widths of 48” and 96”, with lofts varying from ¼” to 1 ¼”.

All weights listed in the chart below are stated in ounces per linear yard.

The first digit in our stock number refers to the weight in ounces of one yard of batting. The last two digits in the stock number refer to the width of the batting.

For example BY-348 is 48” wide and weighs approximately 3 ounces per yard. BY-696 is a 96” wide batt that weighs approximately 6 ounces per yard.

The two batts in this example are the same loft, available in different widths.

Yardage for each roll is listed in the fourth column.

Pre-washing is not recommended for this batting nor for any of our other quality batting products.

Refer to this chart when selecting your By-the-Yard Polyester Quilt Batting:

Stock No. Roll Width Weight Yards
NPBY-45 45″ (Needlepunched) 4.0 oz 75 yds
BY-348 48” 3.3 oz 60 yds
BY-448 48” 4.5 oz 45 yds
BY-648 48” 6 oz 35 yds
BY-848 48” 8 oz 25 yds
BY-1048 48” 10 oz 20 yds
BY-696 96” 6 oz 30 yds
BY-996 96” 9 oz 25 yds
BY-1296 96” 12 oz 18 yds
BY-1696 96” 16 oz 13 yds
BY-2096 96” 20 oz 10 yds

All of our “by-the-yard” products are shipped via common carrier at standard weights. The 96” batting choices are folded to a width of 48” for easy handling.

For assistance with purchasing these products, please contact our customer service department at 800-433-3357.

How Is Hobbs Batting Helping You?

Hobbs is "the best batting and a wonderful company! You may quote me all you want, I tell everyone about Hobbs..."My sister quilts like it is a job, (in) my life it's a hobby. We both do large and small quilts. She does a lot of service projects. We both do our own quilting...Thank you again for making a wonderful product! Oh yeah, we love all of them!"

Ruth L. from Houghton Lake, Michigan