Fiberfill Products


Hobbs Poly-Down Fiberfill (Best Quality)

Hobbs Poly-Down Fiberfill is made from siliconized, white, polyester fibers to create softer, longer lasting keepsakesIt is snuggly soft, machine-washable and non-allergenic. For your next stuffed project, choose Hobbs Poly-Down Fiberfill!

Available Sizes:
12 oz. bag, 25 lb. bale






Hobbs Polyester Fiberfill (image)

HBF Polyester Fiberfill (Better Quality)

Hobbs’ HBF 100% pure polyester fiberfill is made from a blend of fine white polyester fiber. It provides loft, resilience, and is non-allergenic and washable.

Choose HBF for stuffed animals and craft projects.

Available Sizes:
12 oz. bag, 20 oz. bag, 25 lb. bale





Simply Stuffing (Good Quality)

Simply Stuffing is a white 100% polyester product that is ideal for toys, pillows and crafts.   It is non-allergenic and hand washable.

Choose Simply Stuffing for stuffed animals and dolls.

Available Sizes:
12 oz. bag, 20 oz. bag, 25 lb. bale





Hobbs Organic Cotton Fiberfill (Best Quality)

Made of 100% USA certified organic cotton.

Available Sizes:
54” Bulk Roll, 25 lb. bale


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